Cast of Characters

Lil' Boo

Lu Lu

A Day in the life of Plasticland

Lu Lu notices baby isn't responding, what could be wrong?

"OH MY GOD. She's on FIRE!!!!!"

Lu Lu runs out the door, hoping to get help near by

"Ill get my gear." said Lil'Boo

“No not me. It’s my baby!”

"Outta my way. I got a baby to save!"

She quickly puts out the fire

“I think baby’s okay.”

"Yay, my baby has been saved!"

Another job well done.

To Grandma’s House We Go

Lucky Everyone.

Asha is visiting Bubby and Poppy this weekend.

Mom and Dad go to Ikea.

Well, maybe everyone except Dad.

Maybe a little golfing?

Ja Ji’s hat

My sweet little model was very helpful today.  I needed a picture of  a hat I knitted for Ja Ji, I guess this isn’t a surprise anymore.

Oh my, Asha needs one!

Kimochis.  The bi-polar stuffed toy.

Maybe she won’t throw so many tantrums if she can show me with a dollie. (keeping the hope alive)

Check out this site. She’s giving one away. Fingers crossed!

Dinner Out

I am always so grateful for my friends.  They keep me sane and full of new ideas.  Most importantly we get to eat while catching up.

K mentioned she was keeping a blog about her kid.  So why not start one for my kid, not like there isn’t enough of them floating around on the net.

You might find pictures and updates about my off-spring.  Most likely just pictures and a caption.  Such as this:

1st Official School Picture


Airbrushing is great!  You can’t even see the rat’s nest on the side of her head.
Good tip for future reference:  If you are giving your child a bath the night before “picture day”, might be a good idea to wash the munchkin’s head.

Hello world!